Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Lots of good stuff from Julie Biuso in her shared kitchen

Lots of good stuff today 
The sun's gorgeous but come 5.00pm it is still nippy in this neck of the woods, and warming comfy food is not to be snubbed just yet. A pot of pea and bacon hock soup will do the trick, filling, warming and satisfying. Oh yes!
While it's still winter here, Ilaria has been swanning around Italy and writes about her  favourite fresh tomato sauce (if you're in New Zealand or Australia, you'll have to wait for the end of summer to get sun-warmed tomatoes, or opt for last week's Chunky Pasta with Chorizo Tomato Sauce).
I've put up a really tasty recipe for fried paneer with golden sultanas and garam masala. You've got to try it, and you might like to have a go at making your own paneer as well as it is a doddle. Then there are limes. I was also doing pretty well unravelling lime varieties until I came across a new type on Waiheke Island – well new for me anyway. It makes for interesting reading.
Also, my book Julie Biuso At Home has just been announced as a finalist in the NZ Guild of Foodwriters Awards. How exciting is that!
Enjoy the sun wherever you can get it!

Pasta al pomodoro

Tuscany makes me think of tomatoes, basil, and the beach. Oh, and this gorgeously fresh tomato sauce.

Marcella’s Fresh Tomato Sauce

This makes the sweetest tomato sauce imaginable, but you must start with great tomatoes.  


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