Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A supper worth singing for

A supper worth singing for
This kind of weather makes me yearn for the sort of dishes pulled together from not much really, most likely just what’s in the fridge, served on toast or maybe covered in a cheesy sauce and bubbled up under the grill. Mushrooms on Toast Brunchy type food. Old school holiday stuff. Supper round the fire. No-fuss meals. The kind of thing that hits the spot when hunger makes your stomach cave in, and, importantly, doesn’t take an age to prepare.
Omelettes. Don’t let anybody tell you that brought in fast food will feed you faster than making an omelette. In 2 minutes, maybe 3, you can have a hot, tasty and nutritious meal, made from not much more than a few eggs, a scrap of cheese and a sizzle of butter. Delicious. A 7 year-old could do it (just watch the handle of the pan doesn’t get too hot!).

I’m also longing for spring because maybe then I won’t miss my daughter Ilaria so much. She seems to be feasting her way around the UK and is soon to set off to do the same in Europe. Ah. My youth! Not misspent, damn well spent, I think, travelling the world. But I’m envious, of course. Read her first foodie travel blog and you’ll see what I mean. Check out more adventures on Facebook and more pics on Instagram.

I’ve made a few changes to Shared Kitchen and you’ll find Ilaria’s current blogs and recipes on her new Home page Ilaria’s Kitchenette . They’ll be archived to Ilaria’s Blog & Recipes under Categories on the right hand side of the Shared Kitchen Home page.
Neater, we think, and easier.

Meanwhile, get the cheese grater out and whip up a simple supper that’s worth singing for.

Mushrooms on Toast

Sometimes I yearn for something hot and cheesy, all sort of melty and dribbly. Any old mushrooms on toast won't do. I'm after the no-compromise, flavour-packed, cheesy, melty richer-than-rich version. Yeah. Brilliant. Just make these, you’ll have no regrets.

Making an omelette

I don’t know why people don’t cook omelettes more often. They’re so quick, so tasty and so utterly satisfying, that it’s almost criminal to think of dashing off to buy fast food when there’s an egg or two in the pantry. Omelettes are a fairly broad category because they take in not only the classic[…] (http://sharedkitchen.co.nz/2015/08/making-an-omelette/)

French Omelette with Bacon, Crème Fraîche & Chives

An omelette is a 2-minute meal, ready when you are. This one’s amazing – salty, tangy, savoury – and really hits the spot.

Cheesy Scrambled Eggs Rolled in Soft Tortillas

Soft pillows of creamy eggs atop tortillas with a handful of coriander & feta, dotted with chilli sauce, is a great way to say 'Hello there morning!'

Roasting tomatoes

Slow roast, fast roast, whole or halved, here's the low-down on roasting tomatoes.

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