Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Lemons – an essential ingredient


Lemons – an essential ingredient

If I had to choose only one ingredient to take to that mythical dessert island, it would be lemons. There’d be plenty of fish to catch, of course, and some kind soul would have helicoptered in a crate of gin while towing an iceberg to shore so I could chip away at that for cool drinks, and I’d be set. Whatever …
Seriously, lemons are so useful in the kitchen that it is hard to imagine not having them around. But do you know the difference between a Meyer and a Lisbon? Which is best for a Gin & Tonic, squirting over a chicken before roasting or using in a lemon tart? Then check out the pies: lemons and dried figs together with chicken? Yep, it’s as good as it sounds. And find out about dried figs, too. You may be keeping them in your pantry to snack on once you know.


Chicken, Fig & Lemon Pies

If lining tins with pastry scares your pants off, just make one big free-form pie. It'll taste just as good. 

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