Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Fire up the oven and get a stack of potatoes baking to a crisp!

SMASH IT! These potatoes do the business
Has New Zealand's winter ever been so cold? Has it ever been so long? Do we ask ourselves these same questions every year? Probably. I reckon food’s the answer to cheer us up and to give some focus to the day. It’s time for hot ‘n' steamy filling dishes, and here are a couple of crackers: Jacket-baked potatoes stuffed with smoked fish (you've got to try these!) and Greek pastitso, a tasty baked pasta that will satisfy hungry hordes.

Do you know why you should prick potatoes with a skewer before baking them? Do you wonder just how salty pasta water needs to be when cooking pasta? We’ve all heard about the goodness of garlic, but is it true that it can cure baldness or lower cholesterol? And is the stuff you squeeze out of a tube as good as a fresh clove of garlic? So many questions, I know, but all the answers are here sharedkitchen.co.nz

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